Plans for growth near Denny Sanford PREMIER Center with Remedy Brewing Company's announcement

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - The three owners of Remedy Brewing Company are expanding their business and planning a production facility. They originally opened their location at the 8th & Railroad Center in Downtown Sioux Falls in July of 2017.

The owners will be able to can their beer in the new warehouse, which has a total of 80,000 sq. feet available. It's located at 611 West Avenue in Sioux Falls, just a couple of blocks south of the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center. They will only use a portion of it at first. The goal is to have cans in the market mid to late summer.

Matt Hastad, the president and CEO of Remedy Brewing, said they have big plans to eventually open the facility to the public, but he's taking one step at a time. The main focus right now is getting more beer to more markets. Currently, they can only cater to bars and restaurants with their drafts.

"We're running out of our capacity currently, and a lot of that is because we have a few core beers that have been very popular and have sold very well for us," Hastad said.

Now that they will be able to can their four core brews and brew them in the new facility, they'll be able to get into gas stations, liquor stores and big-box stores eventually. They chose the location they did for the production facility because Hastad said it's a booming part of the city.

"So for us, somebody's got to make that decision. Somebody has to actually take that first step, and there's a lot of places that are already there that people kind of forget about or they go 'Oh I didn't even remember that's down there,'" Hastad said. "So we just want to help kind of bring more attention to the area and hopefully we can get people to invest more time down there as well because it is such an important part of Sioux Falls with how much out-of-town traffic it brings."

Mayor Paul TenHaken agrees the PREMIER Center campus is an important part of the city.

"A lot of revenue is generated, so how do we take all those convention attendees, concert attendees, so forth and create some sort of connection to our areas of commerce to create more dollars spent in our community?" Mayor TenHaken said.

That's why he created a Events Campus Study Group that is made up of 13 members like developers, architects and builders.

"The mandate for that group is going to be to develop what is the master plan, we'll call it the 20 year plan, for what the entirety of that campus needs to look like?" TenHaken said.

They will meet for the first time Tuesday. There will be monthly meetings through July. Mayor TenHaken said they will look at various aspects of the campus, especially the Sioux Falls Arena, the baseball stadium, and transportation options.

"Part of our events campus study group is not going to be so much to look at how do you spur economic development there? But how do you make the investments in the campus to get every square inch of that campus used as efficiently as possible?" he said.

Because as long as that campus is thriving, revenue will be generated, whether it's on campus, at a nearby business, or at businesses connected through a transportation corridor.

Mayor TenHaken said his administration will take the study group's recommendations in the end. Then, he and his administration will ultimately decide on what to do on the campus.