Pop-up dog park coming to downtown Sioux Falls August 7

Published: Jul. 31, 2018 at 4:19 PM CDT
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Downtown dog owners -- a new pop-up dog park is coming to Sioux Falls.

It will be on the corner of 13th Street and 2nd Avenue, kitty-corner to Sunshine Foods. The park will be open to the public August 7 through Labor Day weekend.

The Downtown Sioux Falls Committee has been looking to bring more pet-friendly amenities to downtown. The idea of a pop-up dog park is making the idea a reality.

"We're extremely excited," Scott Schoenen, who lives downtown, said. "Every resident I've spoke to is absolutely thrilled by the idea."

"The intent is really to drive permanent change by placing small bets with projects like this," Joe Batcheller, president of DTSF Inc., said.

The land for the park on the southeastern edge of downtown is being donated by Tyler Buildings Company as a way to give back to the community.

"Downtown Sioux Falls has done so much for us, so we felt just as group that we needed to give back as well," Norm Drake, member of Tyler Buildings LLC, said.

"We've been asking for, as I understand it, many years for an amenity like this for downtown residents, and as downtown continues to grow we're gonna see a greater and greater need for things like this," Schoenen said.

"We met with Norm, and he was very helpful to work with his group to get their blessing on it, and the rest is history," Batcheller said.

The park will be lined with turf and divided into sections -- one for small dogs, one for large dogs and a designated area for their owners as well.

"You know it's always great to provide something to the community and do something that's really unique and different for Sioux Falls and this pop-up dog park idea was a wonderful idea," Drake said.

"I think they're gonna love it," Schoenen said. "I think there gonna look for this opportunity to come up more permanently, to be frank, and I think that once the word gets out we'll have a lot of people, not just from downtown but surrounding areas coming to downtown."

Volunteers will start working on the park this week.

A free movie night at the park with food trucks and drinks will be held August 30.