Presentation College's brand new simulation center advances students' healthcare education

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ABERDEEN, S.D. Nursing students at Presentation College now have the state-of-the-art equipment they need to prepare for real-life patient care.

The Avera Simulation Center is taking healthcare training to the next level. There are five rooms with hospital beds, specialized medical equipment, and interactive mannequins. The mannequins are an adult male and female, pregnant female, newborn baby and a child.

"It has given students a safe environment to really explore what they're going to see and practice before they get out there," Presentation College BSN Program Director Lindsey Helm said. "So it's a good place that if mistakes are going to happen, that they can do them now and get that first contact with their patients, even though it's a mannequin, it really helps them prepare for that first patient contact."

The laboring mother mannequin named "Victoria" is a little more unique to Presentation College because it's the second one ever in the United States.

Presentation College students and Licensed Practical Nurses completing their Bachelor's degree are excited for all of the opportunities this new simulation center will bring.

"I think you go in it having a little knowledge base and not being too fresh to it so you've actually seen something similar. Maybe it's not an actual real-life situation, but then when you have something come up you're like, 'oh I practiced this in the simulation I know how to handle it,'" LPN/PC student Amanda Wheeler said.

The rooms are designed to simulate trauma, critical care/intensive care, medical/surgical, pediatrics, and obstetrics/delivery hospital units. The center itself includes a nurses' call station, conference rooms, and a control center - making the setting more realistic.

Nurses from Aberdeen's Avera St. Luke's will also have a chance to use the simulation center to practice any type of scenario and keep up-to-date on their skills.