Principal: Roosevelt students brought 5 BB guns to school to sell or trade

Published: Nov. 20, 2018 at 3:54 PM CST
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Administrators at Roosevelt High School say students and staff were never at risk while some teens brought five BB guns into the building to sell or trade.

Principal Timothy Hazlett said staff and school resource officers quickly identified the students involved Tuesday, collected the BB guns which were concealed in backpacks and turned the matter over to the Sioux Falls Police Department.

He said the students had no intent to use the guns inside the school, it was just the location for the sale or trade.

According to Public Information Officer Sam Clemens, three boys were charged in the incident.

Two boys ages 14 and 16 were charged with having a weapon on school grounds.

A 15-year-old allegedly ran, punched a staff member and kicked an officer, Clemens said. He was charged with assault on law enforcement, simple assault, resisting arrest and having a weapon on school grounds.

The incident is still under investigation.