Protests against racism, injustice continue in Sioux Falls Saturday

Published: Jun. 13, 2020 at 8:50 PM CDT
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Protests continue in the Sioux Empire Saturday, less than three weeks after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Hundreds of people lined the sidewalk of Minnesota Avenue in Sioux Falls Saturday to continue protesting racism and injustice.

Nearly two weeks after momentum from a peaceful protest changed to violence at the Empire Mall, protesters emerged once more on the streets of Sioux Falls to let their voices be heard.

Emma Snow protested Saturday and said, “Something like this people can’t ignore us, so I’m here because I’m a part of the black community and I support us and I believe in the power of protesting. I want to be as big of a part of it as I can because it affects me just as much as it affects everyone around me.”

Emma Snow stood with friends along Minnesota Avenue Saturday and says she will continue to protest until there is change.

“It’s important for this to keep going until change happens, that’s the point of a protest. If we just quit because nothing else is happening then we haven’t done our job as protesters, and the point is to change something. We’ll keep protesting until something changes,” Snow added.

Just down the street, Larry and Barb Rehfeld joined the crowd in hopes to keep their family safe.

Barb Rehfeld said, “This is a sign for our grandson, and I worry about him because he’s been raised in a white family and everything’s been perfect, but he’s going to be going to college in a year.”

The Rehfelds say that their family has had to have some tough conversations in the past about race and say seeing so many people support this cause is powerful and past due.

Barb Rehfeld said, “I’ve been very proud, frankly, and we’re so thrilled to see mostly Caucasians in this line here because it’s about time.”

Larry Rehfeld added, “It’s long overdue actually, hopefully, this is going to make a systemic change in our country.”