Rapid City: Jury reaches verdict in the William Thoman trial

Courtesy of KEVN

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The verdict is in for the trial of 63-year old William Thoman of Rapid City, accused of plotting to kill a Regional Health doctor.

William Thoman was found guilty of solicitation, and aiding and abetting first-degree murder with a gun.

Both closing arguments this morning centered around Thoman's intent, questioning whether it was attempted murder or venting?

The prosecution had two separate theories about what happened on September 24, 2018.

First, they alleged Thoman asked his colleague, Ken Jones, for the name of a hit man to murder a local doctor.

Second, they alleged Thoman also asked Jones to get him a gun that he could then use to commit the murder.

The prosecution said intent is defined by "words and actions," and Thoman's had a real impact on those involved in this case, while Thoman's attorney said it's more defined by "actions," and Thoman did not actually get a gun, nor did he kill anyone.

The defense argued Thoman was grieving the loss of his wife and was simply venting, while the prosecution argued this went beyond grief and his intention was murder.

We''ll have more details as they're available on what happens next, including when Thoman will be sentenced.