Reaching the Summit: USD Coyote’s trio of Tyler’s

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VERMILLION, S.D. (Dakota News Now Sports) - When the Coyote men's basketball team takes the floor Sunday, it might be a little confusing for their opponents on defense.

Especially if the discussion in the huddle is, who's got Tyler? After all, there are 3 who play a key role in Todd Lee's team!

What's in a name?

At USD it's the one on the hardwood that's hard to miss.

Tyler Hagedorn, Tyler Peterson, and Tyler Chishom.

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"My mom listens to the radio and she hears 'Tyler with the three!' And she called me and asked about it and I was like 'mom, I didn't shoot a three. That wasn't me," Junior Guard Ty Chisom says.

Believe it or not there used to be even more confusion.

"One year we had two Trey's and three Tyler's and we had two Austin's," says Senior Forward Tyler Hagedorn says.

This year's band of Tyler's all have their own nicknames.

"I've never called them Tyler. Tyler Hagedorn is ‘Hags’ and Tyler Peterson is ‘TP’ and Tyler Chishom is ‘Chis’," Head Coach Todd Lee says.

"My mom was definitely caught off guard when people were calling me ‘TP’," Senior Guard Tyler Peterson says.
And all have key parts on a USD team that wants to put its name in the NCAA Tournament for the first time ever.

"Hags was out last year. He can get going offensively and be really hard to guard, especially when he has a certain match-up. Tyler Peterson is just our steady Eddy. We rely on him for a lot of things. Tyler Chishom, he can be a really good defender. He attacks the rim," Lee says.

"Versatility I'd say. I think we all are very unique in the way that we play basketball and even our personalities," Peterson says.

It's good that they know their roles on the court.

What's the band name then?
“My personal opinion I said the 'Killer 3'," says Chishom.

"I mean the 'Tyler Trios' maybe? I don't know," Hagedorn says.

Because the band thing might take a little longer.

"I would definitely be on the mic, Chishom probably electric keyboard and Hagedorn, maybe, bass guitar or drums if he could figure it out," says Peterson.