Real-life Grinch steals Christmas gnome from courthouse

Published: Dec. 8, 2018 at 9:14 PM CST
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The Hand County Sheriff’s Office has a real life Grinch on its hands.

They took to Facebook asking for a Christmas gnome that was stolen from the second floor of the courthouse in Miller to be returned.

Hand County Sheriff Doug DeBoer tells KSFY when they initially posted about the stolen gnome, many people thought it was a joke. Unfortunately he said it’s not.

They've given whoever stole it until December 12th to return the gnome to the courthouse at any time and no charges will be filed.

“It’s not a huge expense, but it’s still the thought that someone would steal it from a courthouse that’s occupied while the employees are in their offices, it’s still a little disturbing that somebody would do that. Initially we want it back. We want to preserve that Christmas spirit that exists in the courthouse during this time,” Sheriff DeBoer said.

Sheriff DeBoer said though, if they discover other things are missing they will look at this situation a little differently. He said sadly no one has returned the Christmas gnome so far.