Reopening U.S. meatpacking plants

Published: Apr. 28, 2020 at 9:24 PM CDT
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While working to reopen the state, leaders are also looking to reopen the the Smithfield Plant in Sioux Falls as soon as possible.

Governor Noem says she would like to see the plant reopen this week.

President Trump is taking action to reopen meatpacking plants.

Through the Defense Protection Act, President Trump is ordering all plants to stay open as 'critical infrastructure.' This is a move to prevent a shortage of chicken, pork, and other meat on the supermarket shelves.

"You got 1.6 billion dollars that is going to be hitting the countryside in the next few weeks to help offset some of the pain but listen, that is not going to be enough. The losses are already four or five times that in my estimation and they are only getting bigger. It's not just the financial strain, we also got all of the uncertainty," said Rep. (R) Dusty Johnson.

"The company that I work for I think this week they are supposed to send out nine loads and we only have two so that's quite a big issue. But farmers are being really resilient using different situations and different facilities to make more room for these pigs in the meantime," said nursery contract owner Adam Krause.