Rep. Lynne DiSanto reacts to Rep. David Johnson's public apology

PIERRE, S.D. - Just one day after a special committee was formed to investigate the actions of Representative David Johnson, Representative Lynne DiSanto went to her Facebook page to react to his public apology. Representative David Johnson is a Republican out of Rapid City and Representative Lynne DiSanto is also a Republican out of Box Elder.

She said he apologized to her privately and she accepted it.

She posted on her Facebook Saturday night, which read, "I've had a lot of messages regarding the situation with Rep Johnson. Here is where I'm at: The incident that occurred was not 'two people engaging in a heated argument,' as some have claimed. This is not a 'he said, she said,' there were several witnesses. Rep. Johnson has apologized to me privately and I've accepted his apology. Some have accused me of being 'weak' or a 'snowflake.' I've had messages from people saying they are happy I had this happen to me, and deserved it.

The truth is Pierre is a male dominated environment, but I'm comfortable there holding my own. I'm not weak or a snowflake. I've engaged in hundreds of debates and heated battles with men and women. That is part of the job, and I'm equipped to battle anyone that way. However, what happened on [Wednesday] following session wasn't a heated debate. I feared for my safety as did the majority of onlookers. This is why a couple of people intervened to restrain the other party.

However, at this point, being bitter or holding anger does no good. We are all human and make mistakes. We also must suffer the consequences of those mistakes. I get my fair share of opportunities to do so as well. I forgive Rep Johnson and I'm happy that he says he will be getting psychological and spiritual help to deal with some personal issues."

The special committee is made up of several republicans and democrats. Depending on the outcome of their investigation that will start this week, Johnson could face disciplinary action or be completely removed from the house.