SD Farmers Union Convention focuses of a variety of topics

Published: Dec. 10, 2019 at 5:06 PM CST
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The 2019 South Dakota Farmers Union Convention is host to hundreds of farmers, ranchers, and agriculture supporters.

The Farmers Union received input and conversation ideas from more than 16,000 members.

"We look forward to this because it's a celebration, at the same time we've made it through a very tough year, this year, but we've also had some challenges that we probably need to face," said Doug Sombke, the President of the South Dakota Farmers Union.

"The opportunity to network with a lot of folks of all ages, and from all areas of South Dakota is a great opportunity," said Rachel Kippley, farmer in Northeast South Dakota.

With a focus on improving the future of Agriculture, a variety of speakers discussed topics that greatly affect today's Farmers and Ranchers.

"As a producer and also as a County Commissioner, the infrastructure issues with all the flooding that we've had, that's a big one," Kippley said.

Rachel Kippley is a Farmer and member of the union. She was in attendance Tuesday.

"We need to keep ourselves educated on what's going on and get active legislatively," Kippley said.

Kippley, along with many others see this as an important way to build a positive outlook for the future of the industry.

"This is your chance to share your opinion from your farm, your family about what needs to be done in Washington DC and in Pierre," Sombke said.

"The biggest benefit for us is our numbers are dwindling. The number of producers that are in this nation is getting smaller as they operation gets bigger, so our voices have to be louder in order to be effective," Kippley said.

This years convention marks the 104th year that Farmers and Ranchers have gotten together.