SDSU campus IDs go mobile

Published: Feb. 6, 2020 at 6:13 PM CST
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Technology is meant to make our lives easier, which is why in January South Dakota State University began offering something new for students, faculty, and staff to try out.

Through an app, South Dakota State University students, faculty, and staff can now add their campus IDs to their phones.

"I think it's just the direction that most campuses are going with their card systems. It makes it more convenient, more secure and again it comes back to a better student experience,” said Campus Card Manager Kendell Rohrbach.

The mobile card syncs to Apple or Google wallet like a credit card. This allows users to pay for dining, laundry, vending and retail on campus. It also gives them access to buildings, such as residence halls. All they have to do is tap their phone to the readers.

“There are over 1,000 places that actually take the card on campus and that's growing,” said Rohrbach.

Administrators say students seem excited about the app.

"We turned it on and we had about 1,000 students download it right away that first day and from there it's slowly picked up,” said Rohrbach.

It's helpful for students like Maggie Showman who always forgets her ID Card

“Sometimes in my dorm that I live in we have doors that lock, so you have to have your student ID to get back in. So it was kind of annoying sometimes when I didn't have my keys to get back in I'm like 'oh my gosh how am I going to get back in? Now I’ve gotta wait for someone to open the door.' So it's kind of really nice having that,” said Showman.

SDSU is also paving the way for other campuses as they are one of nine campuses nationwide to go mobile with their campus IDs.

Officials at SDSU say that they'll probably never completely stop printing cards, but they do hope that more students take advantage of using their phones. They may even give students a choice between the two in the future.