SDSU student finds success in bath bomb business

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BROOKING, S.D. (KSFY) - It's a trendy item this holiday season & a popular stocking stuffer.

Bath bombs can be found in many stores today. Two years ago a South Dakota State University student from Wessington decided she was going to run with a bath bomb business.

"My business began when I was a first semester of college freshman, I submitted a business plan to a New Venture competition the school was hosting. While that was super last minute and somewhat flawed, I still got connected to a ton of the entrepreneurial resources on campus," Laurel Diekhoff said.

The competition inspired the (at the time) freshman. Laurel Diekhoff said she always was interested in starting her own business.

"I realized that I could get started for about $200, and I could see if I was actually interested in it," she said.

While she didn't win that year, in 2018 she won the First Dakota National Bank New Venture Competition. She was able to put her $3,000 towards her business.

She calls it Flume Bath & Body. She is able to rent space in the Brookings Innovation Center to make her products.

"I realized that I could get started for about $200, and I could see if I was actually interested in it," she said.

She found out quickly that she was.

"Because I have been watching soap-making videos on YouTube for years and years, I knew soap making was an interest of mine. That was originally the first business I tried, and I realized I wanted to switch to making bath bombs, so that's what I did," she said.

She makes many different scents, but her most popular is green apple. It's very kid friendly.

"Turtle Beach is my most popular bath bomb, it has a little turtle in it. It's very popular for kids," she said.

Once the bath bomb disintegrates, the turtle sinks to the bottom of the bathtub.

She also makes sugar scrubs, lip balms, lip scrubs, perfumes, essential oil rollers and menthol shower steamers.

"When I look back on how far I have come in my business, I can't believe I have been able to accomplish this much in such little time," she said.

She credits the Brookings Entrepreneurial Community for much of her success.

You can find her bath bombs on her:
Etsy Page
Facebook Page

You can also find them in a few stores in Brookings, Huron and soon Sioux Falls.