Sanitizer becoming big business

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now)- Due to the pandemic, cleanliness is on everyone's mind and items like hand sanitizer are in high demand. So some companies are capitalizing on this by providing sanitation solutions.

If you’re looking for sanitizer you’ll find it at Clear-San Pro located at 3505 E. 10th Street in Sioux Falls. It’s the main product this new business sells. They ship directly in bulk or individuals can come into the store and fill a plastic bottle by the ounce.

”Really just wanting to solve a problem, I guess and help the community at the same time,” said Store Manager Rachael Larson.

Clear-San Pro was started by two Minnesota entrepreneurs to help those affected by the pandemic. One was a restaurant owner who needed sanitizer for his to-go orders. He found a manufacturer and bought a bunch of it for his restaurants.

”Eventually just started putting it out for customers coming in just to see if people had a need and people were coming in for an eight dollar burger and leaving with four jugs of hand sanitizer,” said Larson.

So they decided to open several storefronts across the midwest.

“It’s obviously causing a lot of panic and people are scared and I think having a place to know that you can come and get it is from what I’ve heard from people, really puts their mind at ease,” said Larson.

So far business has been booming.

”We’ve had a lot of foot traffic, taken a lot of phone calls, whether it’s just people wanting to come in and keep it for personal use or they're coming in for their businesses,” said Larson.

The company plans to be a one stop shop for people's needs during the pandemic. In the future, they plan to also sell items like masks, gloves, rags and Vitamin C.

Other businesses have begun manufacturing sanitizer like the biofuel company POET.

"I think hand sanitizer markets will increase nationwide and worldwide. I think it's an opportunity to grow into this business, you know it's going to be perhaps 3, 4, 5 percent of what we produce in the future as an industry,” said POET CEO Jeff Broin.

Intek Cleaning & Restoration is also pivoting the focus of their company. While they still offer services like cleaning carpets, they’ve shifted most of their efforts towards sanitizing offices and homes using a SteraMist machine.

”It’s a machine that uses a hydrogen peroxide solution, 7.8 percent hydrogen peroxide,” said Kyle Berg, Operations Manager for Intek.

It’s a service they’ve always offered, but they are seeing a higher demand.

”It’s picked up a lot and lately in the last couple months it’s been a lot more of that either on an on-going routine basis and different commercial facilities or offices but also a lot more one time cleanings in response to potential cases or positive cases,” said Berg.

These businesses say that even after the pandemic they believe that sanitation will continue to be a priority for everyone. And that sanitation services will continue to be needed.

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