Scholar of the Week: Jayla Prosch at Elkton High School

Our Scholar of the Week is Jayla Prosch, a senior at Elkton High School. Jayla is active in Student Council, choir, band and school plays. While she has a more quiet personality, she stands out among her peers as an all-around leader.

In her classroom, Jayla always looks forward to a new assignment or project.

"Every teacher teaches differently and that in itself is a challenge because you have to adjust from one to another," senior Jayla Prosch said.

By the time she graduates, Jayla will have four dual-credit college courses on her transcript which, she says, prepared her well for next year.

"Something that is a little bit challenging but it really helps me with other classes, too, because I learn things from there that I can use for other classes," she said.

Speaking of next year, she's headed to the University of South Dakota for medical biology.

"I either want to be a pediatrician or a family doctor," she said.

Elkton Principal Kelly Neill knows Jayla will do well wherever she goes.

"Not only is Jayla excelling academically, but what she does outside the academic world, she finds success too. She's very caring, willing to give her time to others, to make a difference to those around her," Elkton Principal Kelly Neill said. "As a school, you'd like to take credit for the success, but she's very self-motivated and self-driven. She makes our job much easier than it should be."

Jayla says in a small town, she's always felt welcome. That's something she'll miss a lot.

"I'm really going to miss this school. Seeing my friends everyday, being in a close environment. Everyone is super nice. It feels kind of like you're part of a family. Leaving a family," she said.

For being named our Scholar of the Week, Jayla receives a $100 scholarship from Lyon-Lincoln Electric Cooperative which is a local Touchstone Energy Cooperative.