Sculpture Walk art pieces headed to new homes

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - It’s out with the old and in with the new. New artwork is on its way to downtown Sioux Falls and the new collection will be the largest it's ever been before.

"We’ve grown into the largest in the country and it draws in people from all over the world but it's become part of the fabric of Sioux Falls but it just adds so much color, so much culture to the city," Sioux Falls Sculpture Park Ambassador, Jeff Hanson said.

59 brand new art pieces will line the streets of Phillips Avenue this coming May, but where are some of the beloved sculptures going?

"You’ll see some things that are missing one of them being Sasquatch and it makes you wonder was it ever really here," Hanson said.

That same question has been asked by many over the years as they search for the infamous and mythological Sasquatch.

Many who have come across this Sasquatch here in Sioux Falls are sad to see him go.

"We're really excited about the progress that's been made over the years but more importantly how much the cities embraced the sculpture walk," Hanson said.

Another piece that people loved on the sculpture walk is the 'Polished Mushroom' created by Bruce Stillman. Good news is it'll be staying right here in Sioux Falls outside of Queens City Bakery. Stillman said it's on a smaller scale, but similar to the Chicago Bean.

"To me sometimes I say the sculptures looking at you instead of you looking at the sculpture because it'll see everything around it and it’ll always change with the patterns of the clouds and the lighting," Stillman said.

But why a mushroom out of all things?

"The mushroom was just a simple enough form that just kind of gradually distorted all of the image that's around it in a very subtle way," Stillman said.

The same artist that created the mushroom has purchased the 'Sasquatch' sculpture. He'll be taking the sculpture back to Minnesota to add to his Dale Lewis collection.

The rest of the sculptures will be removed next week and the new sculptures will be placed by May 4th.