Sen. John Thune says agriculture will feel immediate benefits of USMCA and China trade deal

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC)-- America will enact two trade agreements this week that Sen. John Thune (R-SD) said will be beneficial for agriculture in his home state.

Sen. John Thune (R-SD) talks about the trade agreements of the week. (Source: Gray DC)

The Senate is expected to vote on the U.S-Mexico-Canada Agreement to replace NAFTA as early as Wednesday. Sen. Thune said he'll be voting to pass the new measure.

"I think it's good for South Dakota, I think it's good for America," Thune said. "Farmers and ranchers are our bread and butter."

Sen. Thune said USMCA expands on NAFTA by modernizing rules for a digital economy.

Thune also appeared at the White House Wednesday to support President Trump as he signed phase one of the trade agreement with China. The new trade deal includes a commitment from China for $50 billion worth of agricultural goods from the U.S, compared to $14-16 billion in years past.

"My hope would be as soon as that's inked and implemented that we'll start to see some immediate impact," Thune said.

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