Sen. John Thune suggests change in strategy for White House after NYT poll released

Published: Jun. 25, 2020 at 7:40 AM CDT
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A New York Times and Siena College poll released Wednesday found Joe Biden is ahead of President Trump in the presidential election by 14 points. The poll was taken of registered voters throughout the United States.

Senator John Thune was asked about the poll findings Wednesday by NBC News in Washington, D.C. after a vote on the police reform bill in the Senate.

"I think right now obviously Trump has a problem with the middle of the electorate, with independents, and they're the people who are undecided in national elections," he said. "So you know I think he can win those back, but, it'll probably require not only a message that deals with substance and policy but I think a message that conveys, perhaps, a different tone."

The Senate Majority Whip said the poll shows the support among independent voters for Trump is "soft." Thune said the polls are a snapshot in time, and the electorate can be fluid.

"But I do think it's a- it's a- it's a message that, you know, there needs to be a--certainly a change in probably strategy as far as the White House's messaging is concerned," he said.

He said right now Biden has an advantage because he's not being covered since he's not out on the campaign trail because of COVID-19. So the White House needs to try and get the message across that this election is still Biden vs. Trump.