Sioux Falls City Clerk breaks down recount process

Published: Jun. 4, 2020 at 7:46 PM CDT
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After a long two days of processing votes, 100 percent of precincts are now reporting. City council incumbent Theresa Stehly is 110 votes behind her challenger Alex Jensen for the city’s at-large seat.

Stehly is calling for a recount of the race.

The first steps of a recount will start at next Tuesday’s city council meeting, where the election results will be approved.

Then Stehly will have 5 days to formally request a recount to the City Clerk.

Stehly says she believes taking another look at the votes is the responsible thing to do.

Stehly said, “I want to specifically look at the spoiled ballots that would’ve been discarded for one reason or another. I want to look at the under votes, over votes and that’s where people might not have written anything on a ballot.”

Following her request, the recount process begins.

City Clerk Tom Greco said, “So, once that happens the candidates involved have three days to select an individual to represent them on the recount board. Then I select the third person that needs to be mutually agreeable.”

Greco will then convene board members who will oversee the recount of more than 28-thousand ballots.

Greco said,“The training, you know, short of ideally having an understanding of what their task will be, they'll clearly be given an idea of what they need to do, what their authority is that day."

While the joint City-School Board and primary election has already been historic, a recount is a first for Sioux Falls too.

Greco said, “I don’t believe, at least I can’t find any evidence of a recount for us, but it’s part of the process and that I think is really important.”

Though final results show Alex Jensen as the winner by 110 votes, he says he respects the right to ask for a recount and it’s process.

Alex Jensen said, “And we’ll be there and be apart of the process and I think it’s what the citizens deserve is to know that their result is final. And I think it’s, you know, in state law you have the ability to do that and I’m glad for it.”

This is an important but tedious process that could take weeks.

The board can recess and reconvene.

Greco estimates having a final winner around June 26th.