Sioux Falls business owners react to 'Our Mayberry' concept

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Thursday morning the founder and CEO of Our Mayberry sat down with a group of local business owners in the Downtown area to talk about the future of Our Mayberry in Sioux Falls.

Our Mayberry is a website that creates a marketplace for businesses to sell their products while a percentage of the sale goes to a non-profit.
Our Mayberry CEO Shawn Tacey pitched the idea to businesses Thursday to see if the concept would be welcome in Sioux Falls.

Owner of The Spice and Tea Exchange Tami Brown said, “I was really interested in what they have to say, I am excited about learning more because we know that quite a few of our guests in our store really do care about where their money goes, they care about causes.”

DTSF Inc. President Joe Batcheller added, “I think it’s a really interesting concept. There’s a couple of movement going on, I think Our Mayberry has the potential to seize upon those movements. One is cause-based commerce and the other is hyper localism.”

Tami Brown owns Spice and Tea Exchange in downtown Sioux Falls and says giving back is always important.

Brown said, “We always talk about shopping local; we also think it’s important that we support local. That means everybody in our community, not just a business community, but there are people in our community that need our help.”

Through Our Mayberry, there could be a way to bring businesses together to support a common cause.

"I’m just very excited, I think that maybe there is some power in numbers in that sense. We can concentrate our efforts and that actually benefits those causes even more.”

Downtown Sioux Falls Inc. represents both non-profits and retailers and says Our Mayberry could be groundbreaking.

"It gives downtown businesses and non-profits to really be pioneers with this new kind of way of connecting businesses with causes, and expanding their online presence,” Batcheller said.