Sioux Falls businesses preparing to reopen

Published: May. 6, 2020 at 5:17 PM CDT
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On Thursday, the Sioux Falls City Council will decide if they want to rescind the no lingering ordinance, and sign an ordinance that would have lighter restrictions on some businesses.

Two Sioux Falls restaurant owners say they’ve both lost a significant amount of business due to the Coronavirus.

Both places are hoping that come Friday, they can reopen their doors, safely.

Bin 201 owner Tim Kant said, “I think these first couple of months are going to be people feeling out what’s going on.”

For Sioux Falls businesses like Shenanigans and Bin 201, it’s been over a month since they’ve been able to give customers the full restaurant experience.

But when they do reopen, things will be different.

Kant said, “We’re going to do a temperature check on everybody that walks in the door, we’ll have hand sanitizers out, we are only allowing one person in a bathroom at a time, we’ll sanitize the tables as people come and go.”

Shenanigans owner Don Rose added, “We’ll have the tables six feet apart, which is what they’ve asked us to do with the CDC, we are going to go extra and we’re going to use plastic knives and forks and plastic glasses at least for the first week.”

Both businesses have cut down their capacity to allow for more space between customers.

Bin 201 owner, Tim Kant, trusts customers will be taking safety precautions of their own.

“People know they have to social distance. If they want to wear a mask, great, if they want us to do something for them, great. I really think they’re ready to come out and I think we will actually have a pretty decent crowd this weekend,” said Kant.

Shenanigans owner, Don Rose, is hoping that most of all, customers feel safe.

"We’re just hoping that everybody comes back and feels comfortable in my establishment and in every other establishment across town, that’s what they want. Everybody wants to feel comfortable where they want to go,” said Rose.

If the Sioux Falls City Council passes an ordinance on Thursday for lighter restrictions, Shenanigans and Bin 201 say they plan to open Friday afternoon.