Sioux Falls community embraces official flag of the city

Published: Nov. 29, 2018 at 9:21 AM CST
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Great Bear Recreation Park is the latest organization or business to embrace the design of the Sioux Falls flag and incorporate it into a novelty item. The Sioux Falls City Council adopted the flag officially in July. Since then, various businesses have used the flag in items they are sharing with the public. The Sioux Falls Skyforce made jerseys with the flag. Metallica used the flag in a graphic when they came to the city in September. Look's Market in Sioux Falls sells t-shirts for kids and adults with the flag incorporated on it. Indian Motorcycles in Sioux Falls also has a t-shirt made with the flag. Great Bear Recreation Park is the latest to create a t-shirt with the flag. You can purchase them online or at the Ski Swap event happening Saturday. That is just a small list of businesses embracing the flag. You can find more locations that sell novelty items with the flag


"It's been really exciting to see all the different varieties of the Sioux Falls flag and how people have incorporated it into their business, the city facilities," City Councilor Christine Erickson said.

A couple of advocates for the flag, Kelsie Jo Thomas and Kellen Boice, said it's been fun to watch the community rally around the flag and come up with their own artistic interpretations. The design of the flag is a public domain, so organizations are legally able to make their own artistic interpretations of it. The two started the website called

to sell the flag that can be sent anywhere in the United States. Zandbroz Variety in Downtown Sioux Falls is another business that sells the flag that can be flown outside.

The city flag is currently flown outside of several city buildings in Downtown Sioux Falls, inside the Mayor's office, and inside the City Council Chambers.

Thomas explained the various aspects of the flag. She said the pink represents quartzite. The lines on it are the falls, but it can also mean the upward potential of the city. The blue and yellow are taken from South Dakota's flag, and the yellow is part of the state seal.