Sioux Falls construction company hopes to spark girls interest in technology

Published: May. 26, 2018 at 4:45 PM CDT
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Journey Group and Code Bootcamp held the 2nd annual Girls Breaker Day event for girls between 5th and 10th grade Saturday.

The goal of this event is to introduce girls to the field of STEM early in hopes that they will pursue similar careers in the future.

"It is really interesting to see them get involved. They are so excited. We had a girl that popped open a radio earlier, and she was excited to see what was inside and saw some hot glue and said 'Hey that looks like peanut butter,'" Will Bushee said, who is the event creator. "That is something that they just don't normally get to see on a daily basis."

The girls were able to explore and take apart electronics in a safe and educational environment.

It was a free event for the girls.

Many girls who attended said they had a blast getting a look inside their favorite technology.

"I am thinking of making like cool stuff that will help make life easier," Saniya Dysart said, who attended the event. So kind of like inventions or an engineer."

All of the electronics were donated by SEAM, which is a computer recycling company in Sioux Falls.