Sioux Falls group showing resiliency through bartering and encouraging local food sources

Published: Apr. 7, 2020 at 5:39 PM CDT
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Local egg producer Stephanie Peterson knows there's a shortage of chicks

"I've never seen anyone buying chicks. It's crazy."

And it's not because of Easter

"This is much beyond that. It's nationwide, a lot of hatcheries are selling out of their chicks. And I know some of my regular farmer friends, who order every year, regardless of a pandemic or not, are having trouble getting their inventory in."

The shortage of chicks is just one indicator of something Peterson and other members of the chapter homegrown Sioux empire are seeing and it's exciting. A growing number of families are transitioning to locally sourced foods, starting gardens and getting backyard chickens.

"This is a time for empowerment and not fear. And I think we're watching some of our food and farming systems kind of fall apart before our very eyes. We go to the grocery store and the shelves are becoming bare"

Homegrown Sioux empire is answering a lot of first timer's questions

"We want to help the community come together, in a grassroots manner, and be able to, help source things with each other."

Three weeks ago, the group formed a barter site on Facebook with more than 500 members.

"People are giving away seeds, they're giving away farm fresh eggs on the site, free compost as I've mentioned, so. It's super cool to see everybody coming together and taking control of themselves and their food sources."

Peterson believes being proactive helps deal with an uncertain future.

"There are tons of people on our Facebook pages that are willing to help you, and walk you through it, so I say yeah, go for it."

Facebook barter group Homegrown Resiliency:

Facebook group Homegrown Sioux Empire