Sioux Falls photographer captures families during outbreak for project #Porchraits

Published: Apr. 2, 2020 at 9:26 PM CDT
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In a time that won't be forgotten, photographers around the country are capturing this moment; documenting families during the coronavirus outbreak.

"I think that's the coolest thing about photography is that it's this little sliver of time that we get to capture and it's so fleeting but that's really the only thing that we have during this time we can look back on," said Smith.

Owner of Mychelle Kaye Photography, Mychelle Smith is no stranger to the affects of the pandemic.

But, when project Porchrait, short for Porch portrait, went viral, she decided to bring it to Sioux Falls.

"Where you go and a family sits on their porch or steps and they're interacting or smiling and they get a portrait done during the quarantine," said Smith.

Photographers like Mychelle will take 10 photos of a family in about 10 minutes, all while staying 6 feet away and never coming in contact with each other.

"It's an excuse to get dressed up and have your whole family together since there's a whole lot of down time. Now, families can kind of come together and do a portrait of them and their front porch."

It's also given an opportunity for for Smith as a small business owner.

"It's been an opportunity just to get a little bit more income right now. As for going forward, a lot of things are uncertain with brides and what it's gonna look like for the summer."

While the pandemic has created unprecedented times, Smith is there to do what she does best; capture the moment.

"It is very meaningful in this time in our history. I think it's really cool to document not only families but in their homes where they feel safe. And coming to their front door steps it's kind of a cool thing to show in today's, what's going on in the world."