Sioux Falls police investigating a construction site burglary

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Sioux Falls police are investigating a burglary they say happened at a construction site. It happened in the 1800 block of west 88th street. That's on the south side of the city.

About $4,000 of tools were taken from the job site and now the contractors have to figure out where those tools went or purchase new ones.

With two police reports being filed in Sioux Falls for stolen tools that company is now out thousands of dollars.

"Even though we had it locked up as tight as we possibly could at the time we're going to look into getting game trail cameras that will alert us and take a picture as soon as someone walks in the door or walks on the property at this point," Chad McCoy said.

The thieves removed the sliding door from the back of the home to gain entry.

"It's incredibly frustrating I mean when you come to work and even on a Sunday I’m also building the house myself now that sets us back a day that we don't get back ever again," McCoy said.

Dusty Rallis is the President of the Sioux Empire Home Builders Association and he said there are ways to make sure you keep job sites locked and secured.

"Make sure the job site is as secure as possible by locking it up and such to keep the honest people honest. We make sure the trailers have locks on them if there’s a telehandler or anything else we can use to block the doors or the tongue of the trailers so the whole trailer doesn't walk away," Dusty Rallis said.

And said he has equipment that monitors all of his properties.

"There's other options such as bringing private surveillance in we do on our jobs we've got cameras that are remote and within about 10 seconds I’ll get a notification to my phone that somebody is on one of my job sites," Rallis said.

Officer Sam Clemens says that when new developments like these start these neighborhoods are more vulnerable to theft.

"I’d say probably over the years we've seen a decrease in the amount of thefts from construction trailers it still happens," Sioux Falls Police Department Officer Sam Clemens said.

Some tips to ensure job sites are secure is to record serial numbers on all equipment to track later on and consider installing an alarm system with cameras.

The Sioux Falls Police Department would like to remind you if you see something, say something.