Sioux Falls school security improvements

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SIOUX FALLS, SD Sioux Falls School District leaders are coming up with solutions to improve school safety.
The threat of a school shooter has become a more frequent reality in America, and a similar situation even happened in Harrisburg a little over three years ago when a student brought a gun and injured one faculty member. Beginning next school year, a few students and staff members will do a “Reunification Drill”. It's the first time they've done this since 2014.

"We are going to look at taking a small group of students from Eugene Field Elementary in the fall,” said Superintendent Dr. Brian Maher. “We're notifying their parents today that this will go to the board tonight."

Police, fire, and other emergency personnel hope to benefit from this training.
They will practice taking kids out of an active shooter situation to a safe environment.

"It won't involve very many kids. We had to make it big enough to where it's meaningful for the first responders and emergency managers, yet still mindful that this is a day of school for the kids,” he added.

School leaders also discussed at Monday's board meeting the need to improve internet security.
State lawmakers passed a senate bill in 2018 that would identify and penalize people responsible for cyber security breaches.
There have been no reported cases yet in South Dakota, but it has happened in neighboring Iowa and Montana according to the schools’ Director of Information and Technology Services.

"Those two incidents, as I am aware of it, basically they stole the information and sent out threatening communications to the family."

“Dark Overlord” is the name those hackers worked under, and Michael Christopherson says they have even cracked into Netflix operations as well.