Sioux Falls teachers protest with walk-in for education

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Teachers on Wednesday voiced their frustration with a lack of money for education and they did it through protest.

A walk-in was held Wednesday morning at Robert Frost Elementary School.

Teachers and faculty members decked out with signs, stickers, and red for #RedforEd. They took to the pavement in front of the school at 7:15.

The walk-in was in protest of losing school funding, resulting in the cutting of programs and teachers for tier two services like reading programs and behavioral support services.

Because it was a walk-in, the teachers were coming back for the students.

“We didn't want to do that we wanted to walk back in and not disrupt the student's day, and be there for the needs of them,” said Sioux Falls Librarian Korey Erickson.

And for the students, teachers gathered as a community, voicing their concerns about what a lack of funding would mean for the school, showing their support by being there for each other and the student body

“It's a sense of community, every school is a multifaceted asset, we just had all these people out here who truly had the same goal in mind and just to know that these people came here early for students its truly heartwarming, to make sure we do this for the right reasons, support our students,” said Erickson.

It was right here on this walkway that teachers stood in support of their students before walking into Robert frost elementary and starting their day.