Sioux Falls woman reunites dozens of letters addressed to SD veteran

Published: Jul. 2, 2020 at 5:28 PM CDT
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Stumbling upon a stranger's handwritten letters from loved ones is pretty uncommon. But, being able to reunite those letters with that is rare.

Crystal Hanson of Sioux Falls bought a house with her boyfriend in Aberdeen ten years ago.

“We ended up buying it for $2 and we were going to do an architectural renovation on it,” said Crystal.

A house they bought for next to nothing, wound up having a priceless discovery.

She said, “Going through the house, cleaning it out and found the letters, brought them home and they ended up under my steps for the last ten years.”

She said there are about 100 open letters addressed to a David from South Dakota, most dating back to the 70s.

“There was something to it. Something telling me just don’t toss them,” said Crystal.

It wasn’t until she was cleaning out her own home this year when she found the box of letters again and decided it was time to reunite them with their owner.

“Someone needs these besides me, clearly. But, it’s kind of emotional because someone was in the military, and looking at the stack, you can tell he was very deeply cared about. His family missed him greatly and they cared about him a lot,” she said.

So, Crystal did some research and found a few Davids the letters could be addressed to. But after no response, she made a post on Facebook for help.

“It’s kind of surreal. Like, you always see it on Facebook and on the news, you know? It always happens to someone else. I honestly didn’t expect to find him, especially that fast,” she said.

Crystal was contacted by two of David’s siblings within hours.

She said this whole experience has been emotional for her and David’s siblings, “They were quite grateful. The one sister said he doesn’t have a lot from back then.”

She added, “I hope they bring him comfort. I just hope they make him feel good.”

Crystal is mailing all of the letters this evening and they’re expected to arrive in North Carolina to David’s sister next week.