Sisters work to make the world better during time off from school

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As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to make top headline, it's safe to say we could all use something positive.

Here's a dose of that.

It involves a couple trash bags and two sisters that are trying to make the most of this time.

"They hear everyone they love and trust and look up to kind of, everyone's kind of nervous and scared right now,” said Dan Eisenhauer.

Right now can be a pretty confusing time for kids, especially with spending so much time at home. But, for two girls in Sioux Falls they wanted to do something good while taking their mind off of everything. So, they started #SiouxFallsTrashTag.

"Well it's been tough, you know. They don't fully understand or grasp it, you know. They don't understand why their Birthday party got canceled or they can't see their friends at school or they can't have their friends over to play,” said Dan.

After being stuck at home all week, Dan realized his daughters, Sloane and Colbee, needed something to lift their spirits.

"I sat down with Sloane actually and we were trying to figure out what we could do to lift ourselves up,” said Dan, ”And we came up with the idea to get out and clean up our neighborhoods."

Realizing the positive effect it had on the girls, Sloane said, ”I went over there and found more trash!"

"Yeah we got home and she went back out by herself and we couldn't get her to come in... it definitely lifted their spirits instead of watching TV,” said Dan.

Dan posted a video of them in action with the hash tag #SiouxFallsTrashTag, referencing the game of tag.

"It's adopted from the internet. I know people were doing it online all over the world... the tag you're it, we sent it to certain people and said 'You're it' and hopefully they go out and do the same thing and use the hash tag and post it and hopefully send it to someone else,” said Dan.

For parents, this could be an easy way to put any worries at ease for a bit.

Dan said, ”I’d just say please talk to your kids. It's very confusing for them and anything we can do to comfort them."

And for the girls, their motive is angled toward the bigger picture, "So we can help the world,” said Colbee.

If you want to take part in #SiouxFallsTrashTag, you can find the original post here: