Snow could lead to problems for Farmers and travelers

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The combination of snow and a late harvest season could lead to problems for both Farmers and travelers.

Brown County Highway Superintendent Dirk Rogers is concerned about water levels that are already high, rising even more as snow begins to fall.

"The uniqueness right now that we're facing is the fact that the waters so high in the road ditches and different pockets, and small reservoirs and stuff, and so that water is going to freeze at a very high elevation," Dirk Rogers, the Brown County Highway Superintendent said.

High water levels can lead to concerns for drivers, land owners, and workers trying to clear paths for people traveling.

"What I see, is one thing will be a lot of snow drifting in areas where you normally don't have it," Rogers said.

But that is just one of many concerns.

"A couple of weeks ago when it was really cold, the roads froze, and now they've thawed out the last few days, and that's caused some significant damage," Rogers said.

There are a few areas that Rogers is especially concerned about going into the colder months.

"On the gravel roads right now the harvest traffic is really pounding on the gravel roads because they're so soft, and they have water adjacent to the road grades," Rogers said.

Rogers said because harvest season has been pushed back for so far this year, holiday travelers need to be mindful of farming trucks.

"Harvest is running wide open right now, duh if you're from here you know that, but it's been condensed so you've got a significant amount of trucks out there," Rogers said.

One of the biggest concerns Rogers has is the gravel roads. Many of them are broken up from earlier this year.