Some non-essential items experiencing shortage

Published: May. 11, 2020 at 6:51 PM CDT
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There are a number of essential shortages right now, but there are also non-essential items that folks are struggling to locate on shelves or online.

With many gyms and salons closed, found a higher demand in exercise equipment and boosted sales of hair clippers.

With kids at home, they also found puzzles and the Nintendo Switch video game system have both had increased demands.

Parents have turned to play systems and trampolines, keeping Rainbow play systems in Sioux Falls busy 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.

Michael Heiter, Rainbow Play Systems General Manager, said, “From last year, which was a very good year for us, we're probably close to three times that already. We've almost sold this year what we sold all of last year already. So, the demand has been huge."

Pancake mixes have also had shortages on the shelves.

On these items have a warning stating it may be unavailable or delayed due to the high demand.

With more people baking at home, especially bread, Queen City Bakery says they saw a shortage of yeast.

So, they used their stock to start offering bags of yeast for customers

Mitch Jackson, Queen City Bakery Co-Owner, said, “For people to be saying they're going to try and make bread at home, I think that's awesome. So, we ordered those as a way to get that out to the community who needed it. We didn't make a huge profit off of it."

But, they say the demand has shifted since then.

Jackson said, “That shortage has continued through with flour and sugar and things like that too, that we are now having some issues getting on our scale level from one of our whole salers that's out of Montana.”

Despite major sports coming to a halt, says Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers jerseys are seeing extremely high sales.

The NFL Shop said that some new Tom Brady jerseys 'will be shipped no later than Thursday, October 15th 2020.'

The jersey sales aren’t necessarily because of the pandemic, but the underlying trend is the struggle some manufacturers are having keeping up with the demands.

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