Someone You Should Know: Passion for the game of golf

Published: May. 14, 2020 at 9:11 AM CDT
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Elmwood Golf Course head professional Chad Veire picked up the game a little later than some may think a pro would.

"I didn't start until you know middle school high school. A lot of guys you see, Tiger Woods had a club in his hand when he was three, four years old. I played a lot of rounds here. A lot on the old east nine way back before it got redone," said Chad.

It was around that time, sixteen years ago that the Sioux Falls native got his first job at Elmwood.

"I started as a cart kid. Cleaning the carts, taking out garbages, cleaning bathrooms at night," Chad said.

Even though he never played on the high school or college golf team later at SDSU, working at a golf course, allowed Chad to improve his game and move up the ranks.

"As I went on you know I became the pro shop manager, then assistant pro, then head pro. And you know to get into the PGA program you have to shoot a certain score," said Chad

He did that and Chad is now a 2-handicap. However, being a course pro isn't about playing golf, and that's fine with Chad.

"My favorite part of the job is definitely working behind the counter. You know that interaction checking people in, asking them how their day is going. The most important thing to me out here is the people. I get up every morning and I'm excited to go to work," said Chad

"The thing about Chad is he's so patient. And that's not always easy being a teaching pro. And it you are ever having a bad day, just go and see Chad, he'll cheer you up." said course member Virg Hyroniumus.

And the guy who tries to make other peoples days brighter has had a few bad days during his time at Elmwood.

"Everything from the ice storm in 2014, that was probably one of the saddest days out here, sitting inside that April day and just opening the window and hearing the trees actual collapse under the pressure of the ice. That was a sad day. The day cart barn burnt down was my first week as head golf professional," said Chad.

But most days on a golf course where Chad has spent more than half of his life, are good ones.

"Golf is just one of those sports, it's a life long sport. You can play it the rest of your life. And it's just something I really really enjoy and have a passion for. You know I tell people out here that Elmwood is my home. I see myself here long term," Chad said.