Someone You Should Know: Business owner gives back to cancer survivors

Published: Feb. 26, 2020 at 11:51 AM CST
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Desiré Jansen is the owner of Gemineye Studio in downtown Sioux Falls. The studio offers microblading, lip blushing, and scalp micro-pigmentation. Jansen had to have a lot of bravery to get to this point in her life though. When she was 19 years old, she moved to Miami with a boyfriend.

"I started to see a little bit of, warning signs that he probably isn't the guy he told me he was," Jansen said. "So when I moved there, he had me in his own space and took kind of control over my life, and it escalated to the point where I had a gun to my head and a knife to my throat and had to move out, and so I wound up living in my car in the Walmart parking lot."

That lasted less than a month before her co-worker took her in.

Jansen said those people who embraced her and her faith are what drove her to where she's at today.

"I'm very, very proud of it. I know with every single ounce of my being, I just want to do the most that I can," she said.

She and her two other artists at Gemineye Studio each offer free microbladed eyebrow services to two cancer survivors per month.

It's more than just a free service to these survivors.

"It's one less thing I have to worry about," Katie Robinson said.

Robinson was 25 years old and about seven months pregnant when she got the phone call from her doctor.

"She goes, 'Sorry Katie, we usually don't do this on the phone. This is the last thing I would want to do, but we can't wait. We can't wait. We have to get that baby out of you, and you need to start chemo immediately,'" Robinson said. "I was at work, and I was like what? And she talked for like 20 to 30 minutes, not a clue what she said. I just heard that, and I blacked out."

A couple of days later, doctors induced her, and her son was born three weeks early. Two weeks later, she started chemotherapy for her breast cancer.

"I would wake up from sleeping, and my pillow is covered in hair," Robinson said. "I really, truly didn't think it would affect me that much because I- it's hair. It grows back."

But it was her hair, her eyelashes, and even her eyebrows. She found out about Desiré's free microblading services and got them done six months into remission.

"I didn't look like myself. I didn't feel like myself on top of the fact that I'm already weak and brittle and so I can finally start feeling like myself again, and it's awesome," Robinson said.

Jansen said one common misconception people have about qualifying for the free service as a cancer survivor is that you have to have lost your hair through cancer treatment. That's not the case.

Survivors do have to be six months post-chemo though. If you're a cancer survivor and you're interested in the free service, contact one of the artists at Gemineye Studio directly. The artists are Desire Jansen (, Madison Boss (, and Rachel Krutsch (

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