Someone You Should Know: Cotton Eye Joe

Published: Feb. 5, 2020 at 2:41 PM CST
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A super-fan of the Sioux Falls Stampede hockey team has earned his own following. He gets the crowd "pumped up" before the final period and we think he’s Someone You Should Know.

For most of the game, Max Honke is a typical stampede fan. He celebrates when they score, rings his cowbell, and thinks very highly of the players.

"Some people just skate like crazy on a pair of skates, I think it's amazing what they can do."

But just before the 3rd period begins, fans of the team become fans of max.

The space next to his seat becomes his dance floor and the 73-year-old leads off a signature dance to the song "Cotton Eye Joe." Each time, lots of kids in the crowd follow suit.

Max has danced to "Cotton Eye Joe" at nearly every home game over the past ten years but his Stampede fan roots run even deeper than that.

"We're an inaugural member."

He and his wife have been going to Stampede games since the team's first season in 1999 and one day, over in the team's old arena the role of "Cotton Eye Joe" fell into his lap.

"Somebody has to.”

The person who used to do it moved away.

"Had to have somebody do it and a couple of gals behind us told me to get up and do it and I said 'I was thinking about it...' and then one game she said 'get up and do it' so I did and I've been doing it ever since."

She, being his wife Sheila, is glad he agreed to it.

"I think it’s cool and our kids, when their friends find out that their dad does 'Cotton Eye Joe' they're just in awe.”

That goes for their grandkids, too. A fun moment at the game has become something he's known for.

Max says he'll keep dancing at games, as long as he can.