Someone You Should Know: Sioux Falls' new innovation and technology director

Published: Mar. 18, 2020 at 7:47 PM CDT
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Sioux Falls city councilors have approved the appointment of a new Innovation and Technology Director for the city.

Mike Grigsby has quite the resume. Previously he worked for the city of Kansas City, Kansas City Police Department, and CISCO Systems.

In all roles, he oversaw technology efforts, especially in Kansas City with the revitalization of downtown and smart city changes.

“We accomplished a lot but there were also a lot of lessons learned out of that 24 and not only the experience working with the city itself but also in the role that I play now across the U.S., across Canada in helping other cities implement that. I think there's a lot of wealth to bring back and I'm hoping to be able to share that with the city,” said Grigsby.

Mayor Paul TenHaken says it’s this experience that will help Grigsby be a champion for Sioux Falls.

“He'll be able to fall in right away and understand how you need to get things done, the steps you have to follow which will make him a great hire,” said Mayor TenHaken.

Mayor TenHaken says the goal of Grigsby’s position is to help Sioux Falls make the move toward being a smart city.

“It's where a city can take the best of what tools and technologies are available to them and then apply them to how it's going to affect quality of life for the individual citizens,” said Grigsby.

“That's why this is a very important position for the city because it touches every single department, it’s what we call a centralized department or an enterprise department. All of our departments from public works to planning to finance are going to be tapping into this department and into Mike to move their departments forward,” said Mayor TenHaken.

Grigsby is excited to be a part of the rapid growth Sioux Falls is experiencing right now.

“There's an appetite among the leadership team to really get change and make some impacts not only within city operations but even more so back to the citizens themselves,” said Grigsby.

Grigsby’s anxious to start being part of the community where his wife is from.