Someone You Should Know: The Relentless Pledge

Published: Jan. 29, 2020 at 1:01 PM CST
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A Mitchell boy is defying one of the darkest times in his family's life, his dad's battle with cancer. He's turning it into a message of inspiration for others.

“On that exact day maybe three hours later, that's when I started going door to door.”

Floyd Korzan is a motivated kid. That's easy to see. It's also evident that he's caring and loves his dad very much.

"I remember some nights, they'd literally bring over a bed and I'd just sleep with him there.”

His dad Matt spent a lot of time at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota battling leukemia from 2012 to 2017. It came back twice.

"The doctors at the Mayo Clinic told our family that the only thing more deadly than leukemia is relapsed leukemia,” said Matt.

But Matt was relentless in his fight, a keyword in their family to this day.

"I'm a high-energy guy, this was crushing and devastating,” said Matt. “I'd never been sick a day in my life before this happened, it was crazy. But, my mindset is you got to be relentless. That's what I told Floyd. You got to fight, you got to get up, and you got to gut it out, you've got to be relentless.”

Now that Matt has made it more than two years cancer-free thanks to a stem cell transplant they're doing something special.

But the impact it's had already, they did not expect.

Less than a month ago, Floyd, who's just 13 years old, started a nonprofit with his parents' help.

It’s centered on that word, relentless.

"After I saw what struggle me, my dad and the rest of my family went through, I thought that that would've been a great motivator for some people to try to achieve their goals and overcome obstacles,” said Floyd.

People can go online and take the relentless pledge, purchase a wristband, or nominate someone in their community to receive one for free whether that's a cancer patient or local heroes like police and firefighters.

"They have to risk their lives almost every day just to try to help people and I feel like that takes some relentlessness,” said Floyd.

The Korzans have a

and social media pages for their relentless pledge. Thanks to the reach of their

, it's already become a global movement.

"Floyd has had pledges and we've shipped these relentless wristbands to folks in 36 different states and three continents, these are people we've never heard of, we've received emails that would make you tear up, I'm really proud of it,” said Matt.

Their goal is big.

"The goal is to get our relentless wristbands to every single cancer patient in America,” said Matt.

But then again, they have a plan.

"To be relentless.”