South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper struck by lightning

SOUTH DAKOTA - According to Tony Mangan with the South Dakota Department of Public Safety, a South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper was struck by lightning on I-29 Wednesday afternoon. The trooper's name is not being released at this time, but he is 27 years old and suffered just minor injuries.

Mangan said the trooper was on I-29 northbound near the off-ramp of Exit 94, which is the Baltic/Colton exit. He had received a call about a vehicle that was stranded near that off-ramp around 5 PM. He was standing outside that car's passenger window when he heard a loud crack, saw a bright flash, involuntarily jumped into the air and felt a shock through his whole body.

The 27-year-old trooper said he landed on his feet and felt tingling in his arms and legs. He called for an ambulance to meet him at a gas station nearby while he worked to get the stranded vehicle in a safe location.

He was treated by the paramedics, who suggested he go to the hospital. He drove himself to a Sioux Falls hospital but is expected to be okay. A disturbance was moving through the area at the time of this incident.