South Dakota State Representative Mathew Wollmann resigns

Published: Jan. 23, 2017 at 9:38 AM CST
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State Representative Mathew Wollmann has resigned from the South Dakota State Legislature Monday. Representative Wollmann admitted to KSFY News Tuesday that he had sexual relations with two interns during his first term of office. He sent a letter of resignation to House Speaker Mark Mickelson explaining his decision.

Part of it reads, "I cannot express how fortunate it has been to serve South Dakota in the House of Representatives these past two years... But no matter what successes a man or woman achieves, it is their failures that they remember the most. Human beings unlike any other animal on this planet are constantly reminded of their shortcomings, and pay for them two-fold. I do not condone what I have done. I have embarrassed this institution that I care so deeply for, my party, my family, my friends, and myself." The full letter can be found attached to this article in the related links section.

In a press release from the House of Representatives in South Dakota, it said Representative Wollmann decided this decision was best for him, his fiance, his family and the young ladies involved. The press release was from Speaker of the House Mark Mickelson, House Majority Leader Lee Qualm and House Minority Leader Spencer Hawley. They said in the coming weeks, they will meet with legislators, current interns, and staff to talk about any improvements that can be made in employee training and proper conduct. The full press release is attached to this article.

Governor Dennis Daugaard issued a statement about Wollmann's decision that read, "I think Rep. Wollmann made the right decision, and I will act quickly to name a replacement so District 8 is fully represented during the session."

A disciplinary committee to investigate Wollmann's actions was created after he admitted to having sex with interns. The house has sent out letters to former interns asking if they have any information and would like to come forward with anything.

The full house disciplinary committee includes: Timothy Johns, (R) Chair, Spencer Hawley, (D) Vice Chair, Mike Stevens (R), David Lust (R), Larry Rhoden (R), Mary DuVall (R), Julie Bartling (D), Karen Soli (D), Steven McCleerey (D). They will be meeting Tuesday to discuss more details about Wollmann's case.