South Dakota congressional delegation responds to impeachment vote

Published: Dec. 19, 2019 at 8:20 AM CST
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All three members of South Dakota's representatives in Congress are speaking out against the House of Representative's vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

Rep. Dusty Johnson, Sen. John Thune, and Sen. Mike Rounds each joined their fellow Republicans in admonishing the impeachment, which the House

in favor of Wednesday evening along largely partisan lines.

Rep. Johnson spoke on the floor of the House prior to his "no" vote, saying the impeachment only deepens the partisan divide that plagues the country.

" When the sun comes up tomorrow, I pray with all my heart that the anger and the division in this chamber will give way to an honorableness and a productivity and a time of working together," Johnson said.

Sen. Rounds and Sen. Thune each issued statements rebuking the vote.

“The House Democrats have voted to impeach this president, and yet, they still have not provided the evidence to substantiate an impeachable offense," Rounds said in his statement. "The Senate will execute its constitutional duty, bring this process to a close, and get back to doing the people’s work.”

Sen. Thune lamented that 100 Senators are now being asked to consider undoing a national election in which more than 120 million Americans voted, while another election approaches. Thune also said the Senate will approach the process with the "seriousness and fairness it deserves."

"While the Senate as a body will decide how to proceed once the trial begins, I can say with confidence that the president will be afforded a fair and equal opportunity to participate – an opportunity that has been noticeably absent throughout the process thus far."

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