South Dakota tourism numbers continued positive growth in 2019

Tourism in South Dakota continued to grow in 2019 - marking 10 straight years of gains for the industry.

On Friday, the state department of tourism released numbers from a new annual study done by Tourism Economics.

According to this year's study, South Dakota welcomed 14.5 million visitors, an increase of 3.1%. This is the highest growth percentage the state has experienced since 2014.

Visitors to South Dakota spent $4.1 billion, an increase of 2.8% over the previous year. This spending flowed through the economy and contributed $2.75 billion in GDP, accounting for 5.2% of the state’s economy.

In 2019, tourism generated $308 million in state and local tax revenue. Without tourism in South Dakota, each household would pay an additional $890 more in taxes each year, state officials say.

Additional key figures from this year's study:

• 14.5 million – The number of visitors that came to South Dakota, an increase of 3.1%
• $4.1 billion – The amount of visitor spending, an increase of 2.8%
• $110 million – The amount of visitor spending from international visitors
• $2.75 billion – The amount of GDP contributed to the state’s economy, representing 5.2% of the South Dakota economy
• $308 million – The state and local tax dollars generated by travel and tourism activity, an increase of $10 million
• $172 million – amount of tax revenue collected by local governments from travel and tourism activity
• $890 – the amount of tax dollars each South Dakota household saves because of the tourism industry
• 55,157 – number of jobs supported by the tourism industry, 8.8% of all South Dakota jobs

You can find the full study here.