Southeast Tech. responds to 5G with new tower technician program

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 10:48 PM CST
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As 5G comes to South Dakota, it's opening up new job opportunities. So Southeast Tech. is offering a new program that will allow people to climb to new heights as a tower technician.

It takes a certain kind of person to be a tower technician.

"In the cell world we are typically climbing maybe as high 300 to 400 feet,” said Todd Thorin, Director of Safety and training at Vikor.

Crews climb up communication towers to install, replace, or repair equipment such as antennas. Todd Thorin has been doing it since 1983.

"It teaches you a lot. It pushes you to your limits, it's outdoors, you're always somewhere new. All that stuff just makes it a great job,” said Thorin.

As 5G comes to South Dakota, Southeast Tech. is looking for students interested in this career.

"The National Association of Tower Erectors has indicated that in South Dakota alone there will be 450 jobs in the next five years, so it again is a high demand field,” said Southeast Tech. President Bob Griggs.

Starting in March, they will offer their first Wireless Infrastructure Technician Program. They are partnering with local company Vikor Teleconstruction, which is offering up its training facility. In the class students will learn about 5G technology as well as climbing and installation techniques. The program is 8 weeks long. At the end students will receive national certification called TTT1.

"What we've been told is that we are only one of two that offer this particular certification for credit in the country,” said President Griggs.

As a tower technician, people can expect to make $17 to $20 an hour.

The class will be free to those who are accepted into the program as AT&T and Vikor are providing full ride scholarships.

For more information on how to enroll click

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