Sporadic robberies remain under investigation in Sioux Falls

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 7:57 PM CST
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A recent robbery at a gas station seems all too familiar as of late, and not because the 'Get-n-Go' on West 57th and South Marion Road was targeted twice within two months. These two incidents are part of about ten that occurred within the past three months around the city. Surveillance footage has helped police describe some of the suspects through mannerisms and clothing, but one of the more important aspects of the investigations is the pattern of robberies.

"It's not just one particular robbery, they're looking at all of them. Especially the more recent ones to see if there are any similarities," said Public Information Officer Sam Clemens.

Police are still investigating the robberies that have transpired over the past few months but have made about three arrests so far.