Stranger returns lost wallet, cash to Brandon man

Published: Nov. 23, 2018 at 10:58 PM CST
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We’re still about a month away from Christmas, but one Brandon man got his Christmas miracle a little early this year. A complete stranger proved a small act of kindness really does go a long way.

“Couldn’t believe it,” Hunter Shamatt said. “Couldn’t believe it. Can’t thank him enough.”

What would you do if you found a lost wallet full of cash? On a flight to Las Vegas for his sister’s wedding, Hunter Shamatt lost just that.

“I noticed that I was missing my wallet which had $60 cash and a check for about $400 in it,” Shamatt said.

Hunter didn’t ever expect to see that wallet or money ever again. But…

“Hunter found this on the Frontier flight from Omaha to Denver, row 12 seat F, wedged between the seat and the wall. Thought you might want it back,” the stranger who returned the wallet wrote.

Hunter received a package in the mail days later with his wallet and a letter.

“Quite surprised. My whole family was completely amazed,” Shamatt said.

The mystery man only identified by these initials in this letter didn’t stop there.

“I rounded you cash up to an even $100 so you could celebrate having your wallet back. Have fun,” the stranger who returned the wallet wrote.

“It really meant a lot that he would go out of his way and do that for a complete stranger. I’m still paying off school loans and I got truck loans to pay off so it really helps out,” Shamatt said.

Proving that kindness really does win every time…

“I think that it goes to show that there’s more good out there than there is evil because this was just a random guy on the street. Shows that there are still good people out there,” Shamatt said.

With nothing but a return address out of Omaha and those initials, Hunter and his family got busy tracking down the mystery man now known as Todd. Hunter said he was able to thank Todd for his kindness and wishes him nothing but the best.