Students and staff adjusting to improvised classrooms in Burke

BURKE, S.D. - Part of the school was damaged when a tornado went through Burke on Tuesday, August 6th. Students and staff have had to renovate the school a bit to get it ready for the first day.

Students were supposed to go back a couple of weeks ago, but classes ended up starting Wednesday, September 4th. This allowed staff to switch things around inside the building, including classrooms, to get spaces in a safe condition for the students.

Some lockers even had to be brought in for the 6th grade students. Many of the students were hesitant before the first day of school because they didn't know what to expect. They said things were going smoothly though.

KSFY photojournalist Dave Hauck was in Burke for the first day of school to give us a look at what things look like in the city almost a month after the tornado hit.