Students prepare for new year at Roosevelt High School Rider Charge day

Published: Aug. 24, 2016 at 9:18 PM CDT
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Scientifically speaking, it's still summer. Fall is in the air as students head back to school.

For Sioux Falls School District students, that happens in about two weeks. To get ready, it was Rider Charge day at Roosevelt High School. A day to 'regroup' before the new year.

"It's pretty exciting. You finally have a schedule. The summer is pretty relaxed. It's the harbinger of school, pretty exciting," Senior Max Hawkins said.

Students get their schedules, school ID's, take a new school picture and pay any fines from the previous year.

"Very organized. If you did things online ahead of time, it makes things a lot quicker as well," Mom Paula McGowan said.

For incoming senior Max Hawkins, this Rider Charge day will be the last.

"Looking forward to another year of school, specifically that it's all wrapping up. Doing college applications. Your G.P.A. is basically settled now. Taking some fun classes, too."

Some of the students aren't too thrilled to begin those classes after Labor Day.

Summer is getting long. Rather have it earlier and get done earlier," Chase McGowan said.

In any case, they say, it's good to see familiar faces.

"Sometimes we get new teachers. For example, one of my middle school science teachers is starting at Roosevelt. All the friends in line, you say 'hey, haven't seen you in four months'. Nice to see friends," Hawkins said.

Sioux Falls public school students head back to school September 6th.