Substitute teachers and custodians at a premium for school district

Published: Aug. 26, 2019 at 9:20 PM CDT
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The school year is underway for most students and faculty with a hint of summer still lingering near the bus stops and on campuses. A lot happens throughout the school year though including some drastic changes in the weather, and school district leaders are concerned about staffing levels for both substitute teachers and custodians. It is not uncommon to have fewer substitutes, but that is not stopping school district staff from beefing up those numbers.

"This will be something that we work on all year. We can never have enough," Senior Director of Human Resources Becky Dorman said. "Unfortunately we see schools have to get creative in covering their jobs which is why we try to recruit as many as we can."

A larger custodial force is also being sought after. School administrators want to train applicants in the high schools first before possibly being transferred to another school.

A bachelors degree is preferred for substitutes, but an associates degree with some experience in teaching is also favorable. Applicants can go online to the Sioux Falls School District website to apply.