Super Bowl prop bets at Grand Falls Casino

LARCHWOOD, I.A. (Dakota News Now) - For millions of people, the Super Bowl is a draw for plenty of reasons outside of the big game.

One of those big draws is prop bets.

Whether you're there for the game or just the commercials, the Super Bowl has a little something for everyone, and the same is true of wagers.

The show that is the Super Bowl draws everyone in, and the sportsbooks mirror just that. Offering everyone some niche betting through prop bets. Prop bets are a novelty bet, allowing the bettor to wager on whether or not an event will take place, which does not affect the outcome of the game. And no other game has as many prop bets as the Super Bowl.

You can place a bet on anything from the length of the national anthem, how many times the president will tweet, the first halftime song, and the list goes on and on.

At the new Betfred Sportsbook at Grand Falls Casino, there are thousands of prop bets on players and the game alone, and the staff there think it helps give everyone a rooting interest for super bowl Sunday.

“Even if you're not a fan of one of those teams, there's something for you to bet on, where you don't even care who's going to win, just find some players to bet on or little interesting things to hold your interest and keep you watching the game,” said COO of Betfred USA Sports Bryan Bennett

So whether it's the color of the Gatorade splashed on the winning head coach, or the MVP of the game, there's a prop bet for everyone.