Suspect arrested in Sioux Falls homicide investigation

Published: Jan. 8, 2017 at 12:45 PM CST
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A Sioux Falls man is in custody after police say he may be connected to the killing of a 28-year-old transgender woman.

Sioux Falls Police Lt. Michael Colwill said in a press release that 25-year-old Joshua Rayvon LeClaire is currently being held as a parole absconder and for narcotics charges. He said additional charges are pending and will be filed early next week.

Colwill said more information will be provided in Monday's police briefing.

Police were called to Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow's apartment near 8th Street and N. Cleveland avenue Friday night after a neighbor reported a strong odor coming from the apartment.

Sioux Falls police said evidence inside the apartment revealed Wounded Arrow's death appeared to be a homicide.

"Jamie is looking down, she is smiling, but this individual that is caught, we have remember that he still has to have his day in court and it's going to be a long process," Franklin J. Whiting Jr., Wounded Arrow's friend and neighbor, said.

Even with few details from officials, Wounded Arrow's friends said they fear her gender identity may have had something to do with her murder.

Whether that is the case or not, her friends said Sunday that they are grateful police have arrested someone for her murder.

A GoFundMe account has been opened for Wounded Arrow and her family, and is linked to this story.