Teachers gear up for a new year at Lincoln High School, Wednesday

Published: Aug. 31, 2016 at 9:37 PM CDT
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Sioux Falls students: the countdown is on. Less than a week until the first day of school.

KSFY News stopped by Lincoln High School, Wednesday, where a few teachers were getting ready for the big day.

There's one teacher in particular who is in for an entirely new experience, this year.

"Getting used to the new procedures, new curriculum. Lot of information the last few days," Math teacher Mike Magnuson said.

Magnuson joined the Lincoln High math department after three years teaching at Terry Redlin Elementary.

"It's different. Don't have to decorate as many bulletin boards in high school which is nice, especially for a guy not very creative like me," Magnuson said.

But Mr. Magnuson is no stranger to these classrooms. He graduated from Lincoln High School in 2009.

"It adds a whole another element to the pride having gone and coached here," Magnuson said.

Brian Kocer has been a teacher at Lincoln High for a little while longer and teaches more advanced-level math courses.

"It's really helpful to see the new teachers come in and they've got a lot of enthusiasm and it rubs off on us. It's good to take that enthusiasm to help them get into a routine so they understand what we're doing here on a daily basis," Math teacher Brian Kocer said.

No matter how many years of experience, year after year, teachers say it's all about the students.

"My number one hope is helping my students succeed. Any teacher would say that. It's hugely gratifying when you see that success coming from students," Magnuson said.